About Bigbnb

From the creator of the über-minimalist Hotel Haiku and Go Glamping, the first website dedicated to glamping, Bigbnb.com was designed to help people discover the best large group accommodation in Britain for their next special occasion, family-gathering or company get-together.

Our story

Born out of the frustration of searching for suitable large spaces for family gatherings using slow and clunky listing websites, not to mention a famous one that doesn’t cater for more than 16 guests, we decided to stop moaning and build something different.

Our vision was a user-friendly website, ultra-fast and modern and one that catered solely for large group bookings.

Work on our idea began at the end of 2019 but was disrupted when Covid impacted everyone’s lives back in March 2020.

After coming to terms with the pandemic, we dusted ourselves down, rolled up our sleeves and launched the first version of our website in the summer of 2020 - admittedly not the best timing ever!

Actually, we seem to have established a track-record in launching new ventures during a crisis, as this piece in The Telegraph reminded us.

Having utilised all of the knowledge and skills attained over a 15 year journey in creating acclaimed travel websites, we feel we have now brought our original vision to life with Bigbnb.com.

Our website

Bigbnb was built with one goal in mind: to showcase large group accommodation in an engaging, super-fast and user-friendly format.

Do one thing; do it well.

The internet is changing

With up to 80% of web traffic now coming from phones and the dominance of mobile advertising, a new type of online experience is needed.

  • Mobile users read half as many pages and spend half as much time on sites compared to desktop users.

  • 35% of millennials would like to book from their phones but say it’s too hard.

Whilst our website doesn’t offer bookings, most if not all booking systems were designed for desktop first with mobile bolted on as an afterthought.

Bigbnb’s user-focused design, quick search, and instant page loading, all combine in presenting our listings much faster and more effectively than traditional websites in this field.

A new approach is required

Our website’s performance is second to none.

Bigbnb’s clean and minimal style was designed to showcase accommodation not only in a fresh and elegant format but blazingly fast too.

We’ve kept our website lightweight to ensure quick time to view even on 3G connections.

  • Low on word count; high on impact.
  • Instant listing pages; no waiting for them to load.
  • Instantaneous search and filtering; faster than a whippet doing zoomies!

All of this has been achieved without compromising on style or features.

Our team

DescriptionGarri Rayner | Designer

"With a background in graphic design & market research, former record label owner Garri put ‘glamping’ firmly on the map in the UK when he launched the first website dedicated to glamping in 2008. The rest, as they say, is history.

He still can’t get his head around being interviewed live on BBC Radio by the charming Lauren Laverne about his Hotel Haiku website."

DescriptionHika Zenebe | Developer

"Originally from the Ethopian capital of Addis Ababa, Hika currently resides in Switzerland where he is studying Data Science. As our website runs on cloud-based technologies he helps us with all sorts of clever stuff that we can only dream of.

A keen snowboarder, when he’s not shredding the park you will often find him in his kitchen rustling up vegan delights that will make your mouth water."

Over to you

By now you will probably have a good idea of what our website is all about and how it is laser-focussed on doing one thing well: showcasing large group accommodation in an engaging, quick and user-friendly format.

We now take the pleasure of inviting you to add your accommodation to our collection.

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